Advice to a New Owner: Pt 3...Sharpness 'Aint' Everything

Started Dec 23, 2001 | Discussions thread
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Advice to a New Owner: Pt 3...Sharpness 'Aint' Everything

Caveat Here: This point may be more controversial. Just relax and consider...

The Advice: Sharpness Aint Everything

What does that mean?

Simply this...most of the best photos ever taken are not judged on sharpness...they are judged on subject composition and use of lighting.

Think about it. Think about it again.

While everyone on this forum wants a super "sharp" lens...that is not really the be all end all of photography.

I believe more important than the "sharpness" of a lens, is its availability (can you afford to have one) and the comfort factor the user has with the equipment. IF you buy a Sigma because you can't afford a Canon "L" what. At least you got that lens and now you can use it.

And do use it. Use it like you were gonna lose it next week. Try it out...shoot with it. See how the DOF works on your new camera. Shoot an object (the classic is a pear) in different lighting...try different angles...try different ISO settings. Push yourself to get creative.

Consider this...if you were to go looking in an art gallery that features would likely find more images that are "blurry" (selective focus and effects) than you would "sharp." Really.

Sharpness is a valid goal...for manufacturers of lenses.

Compelling/creative/moving/memorable photographs is what the goal should be for the photographer. Don't mistake one for the other. I have seen countless "sharp as a tack" photos that lacked any interesting elements and wondered why someone even took the shot. On the other hand, I have seen some really creative shots that had nothing to do with sharpness...and they are the ones that sell and get framed and get appreciated.

Don't get hung up on lens sharpness. Focus (pun intended) on the subject and the composition and the lighting....your viewers will likely like your shots better if you do.

Good light to you,

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