Get BOTH a DSLR _and_ an FZ30?

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Get BOTH a DSLR _and_ an FZ30?

OK, now that the FZ50 has been announced, I'm sure I won't be getting it. I was hoping Panasonic would address the noise issue, but I seriously doubt that 10 MP on that size sensor is gonna be anything but noisy. And using the Venus III is not gonna help, based on what it does for the TZ1.

So, I'm gonna have to get a DSLR. I like my FZ20, but there are enough times that I need higher ISO, faster auto-focus, less DOF, etc. - stuff that I simply need a DSLR for.

So, the questions I'm asking myself is:

1. Should I just chuck the FZ20 (OK, sell it) and invest fully into a DSLR world? At first I didn't think so, because I really don't want to be dragging around tons of lenses. And I am definitely a long-zoom person. (My TCON-17 is on my FZ20 about 25% to 30% of the time.) I just got a B-28, so I'll see if/how WA opens up my world.

2. Should I keep the FZ20 as a complement to the DSLR? This seemed lke a logical choice. The quality of the Leica lens, the OIS, the long zoom, the constant f/2.8 - these are things I love about the camera. But there are things that annoy me, like the long start-up time, and the not-as-fast-as-I-want zoom and AF; and the MF can be difficult with the EVF.

3. Should I get an FZ30 as a complement to the DSLR? I've thought about the FZ30 for a long time. I really like the flip-out LCD, the higher resolution of the EVF, the fast start-up time, the fast AF, the manual zoom ring, the extended optical zoom, even the native 55mm thread for my TCON-17 and B-28.

I've tried to imagine just working with a DSLR alone, but it seems limiting, somehow. I really like and OVF, but I really like the EVF/LCD, too, especially a flip-out one. I like to do macro work - I've got a Nikon 4T and a Sigma achromatic close-up lens, and I'll probably get a Minolta close-up lens and/or DCR-150 if I get an FZ30 - I think an OVF would often be a hindrance to getting the shot. I also like to photgragh kids and animals at their level, i.e., the camera is pretty low to the ground. This all pushes me toward an FZ30.

But soe of the other things I like in the FZ30 - fast start-up time, fast AF, manual zoom ring - would be just as well served by a DSLR.

I've thought about using the DSLR mostly as an indoor, less-zoom sort of camera, but even many of the long-zoom shots I'm missing with my FZ20 are because of low light; e.g., baseball games at dusk, shots of deer in the woods, trips to the circus, etc. I'm sure I will have to get a 300mm lens (prime or zoom, I'm not sure yet) for the DSLR; I will just have to keep it to a consumer-level lens - I cannot/will not dump $1,000 into lenses, nor carry around four, five, or six lenses all the time!

I guess what I'm wondering is, for you who have an FZ30 as well as a DSLR:
1. Do you use your DSLR for long-zoom work, or do you use you FZ20/30 for that?

2. If you DO use the DSLR for long-zoom work, do you even use your FZ20/30 anymore?

Thanks for any input. I'm still just trying to sort out what I should get next, and maiinly, if (OK, when) I get a DSLR, will I have a need for a super-zoom anymore, especially buying another super-zoom? Or, instead of also spending $450 on an FZ30, should I just spend that $450 on the best 70-300mm or 100-300mm zoom lens I can get?

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