Help! Zoombrowser problems

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Re: Help! Zoombrowser problems

Martin Eager wrote:

RichietheC wrote:

I think I need ZB, since I have no other way of coverting from raw
to tiff. How can regain my databse, or get back to square one and
start anew?

Move all your image files (RAW, TIFF, JPEG etc to a separate
folder, well away from the Zoombrowser install folder - maybe even
make a new folder specially for it). Make sure all your files are
safely away from Zoombrowser in this new folder.

Next you have two choices:

1) If you wish to continue using Zoombrowser, deinstall it and then
reinstall it. Once reinstalled, go back into Zoombrowser and
re-import your images into it.

2) Use an alternative and ditch Zoombrowser - it's too flaky and
this will almost certainly happen again. Deinstall it and use
either Breezebrowser/Breezedownloader to download and convert your
RAW files ( ) or Scott Professional
(htt: - I believe there's a trial
version of both, so you can try them out. Both are far more
reliable than Zoombrowser, plus you get more RAW conversion options
(Zoombrowser only allows 8-bit TIFF, whereas these alternatives
offer RAW conversion to JPEG, 8-bit TIFF, 16-bit TIFF and others).

Most users ditch Zoombrowser at some point or other, usually soon
after it has junked their photos for the first time.


Thanks for the quick response Martin. I have been a avid reader/lurker for a month or so before receiving my camera. I always enjoy reading your responses at the forum, as they always seem so "right to the point" and sensible. I have a eval copy of Breezebrowser. I was unaware that it could convert raw to tiff.

My files are in a separate folder (My Photos folder) away from the ZB folder. I did deinstall and reinstall, but had the same issues. That is when I went into the ZB folder, under the database folder, and removed the database files. I thought this would make ZB think it was a brand new install, and I could start the process new. No such luck.

I guess I will start to look more closely at Breezebrowser. My only use to date for ZB was raw conversion, so if Breezebrowser can do that, I will deinstall ZB.

Thanks again!

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