Summary of GPS solutions for D200/D2X

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Bjarte Sorensen New Member • Posts: 13
Summary of GPS solutions for D200/D2X

For the benefit of everyone interested (including myself) I'd like to summarise the current known options for connecting a GPS receiver to the Nikon D200/D2X/D2H cameras, commercial and DIY. Nikon's cumbersome solution which includes their expensive MC-35 cable has spurred many people to try to make their own set-ups.

1. Camera --> MC-35 (~$100) --> Serial cable --> NMEA 0183 @ 4800 baud GPS receiver:

2. Camera --> MC-35 (~$100) home-modified to provide power at pin 9 --> RS232-to-Bluetooth adapter (~$120) at 4800 baud (Free2Move, probably other brands too) --> Any bluetooth GPS device (initial pairing on a Windows PC) as tested and tried out by Kasper Larsen:

3. Red Hen Systems' D2X-GPS all-in-one commercial setup, ~$300, which includes 10-pin connector and Garmin Geko 201 or 203 (using old GPS chipsets)

4. Dawn Technology's di-GPS, commercial all-in-one battery powered solution, using SirfStarIII chipset. $398 plus shipping.

5. This great-looking, but not so mobile, set up by Frans_vdm:

6. Andy's innovative DIY all-in-one solution with camera-powered SirfStarIII discussed at length here:

I am sure I am missing some. Please add to the list!

Bjarte Sorensen

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