Fans to use for hair

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High velocity fans

As other have suggested - the "industrial strength fans" that you can get from CostCo, Canadian Tyre, and many other outlets can do a reasonable job if you can find a multi-speed unit with a 30 inch (75cm) or larger fan. I use a Honeywell-branded fan which works well and cost $60 on sale at Canadian Tyre.

Another solution of very high velocity fans is to use a leaf blower. The blower is high velocity but narrow "beam" of air. I used some foam core board to re-distribute the wind into a broader base. In the images below, you can see the intensity of the wind as well as the white foam core board used as a reflector for the wind. It is also useful to have a normal hold fan in front of the subject to help control the wind/hair.

These were shot as test images for a client:

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