K100D vs DL: Is SR worth $300?

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Re: K100D vs DL: Is SR worth $300?


I enjoyed your post very much. You r situation is very similar to mine. Like you, I am an FZ20 owner who is economically challenged, at least according to my "accountant," who can't understand why I would need "another camera(?!!)" when I already have two. She fails to grasp that no ONE camera can accomplish everything a photographer needs. Ahh you say. Is there pyschological symbolism at work here? Nay, gentlemen. It is economic pragmatism, I assure you. And I cannot deny an empathy to her point of view. I am not a toy and gadget collector. I would love to have THE camera that would satisfy 90 to 95% of my photographic needs. I mean I tried. You can't deny that the fz20 is a remarkable piece of equipment, with great versatility, and a unique lens that will probably be legendary. But --- why is there a "but?" Why not be satisfied and enjoy the advantages that this light-weight, compact, versatile, razor sharp piece of equipment has to offer, and accept that limitations are as much a part of art as are possibilities?

It is the price that is troublesome. Under $365 DSLR's are just not suppose to happen. How can one not buy at this price? True the Pentax DL will bring one no closer to THE camera than some of the pocket digicams on todays market, but still? --- It is a painful dilemma for those of us with our DSLR-like cameras, who are on tight budgets. It iwould be better for us if DSLR's stayed clearly, demarcatedly at the $1000 and above range (with lens) so we could economically justify our "almost DSLR" cameras, and actually trumpet their advantages over said cameras. Sleep is being lost here, gentlemen. Souls are being searched. Does photography play upon man's inherent inability to be satisfied? Or is it the ultimate test? When one can truly be content with the camera one has, then will one know true happiness?

Kind regards,

(Note: I used the masculine gender for poetic effect. No disrespect to the female gender intended.)

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