K100D vs DL: Is SR worth $300?

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K100D vs DL: Is SR worth $300?

Comparing the K100D to the DL, it seems like the major difference between is the Shake Reduction (SR):


My question: Is that feature worth $300? And if it is, could elaborate as to WHY?

I ask coming from a P&S-with-IS background. I own an Olympus C-2100UZ and a Panasonic FZ20. Both are great cameras for their sensor-size class. Both have image stabilization, and I do like how it helps out on the long end of the zoom range.

But as I consider making a jump to a DSLR, I've tried to think quantitatively about what IS buys me. With the FZ20's f/2.8 throughout the 36-432mm zoom range, and the OIS, I knew I'd have to either spend big buck on glass, or rely on the higher ISOs of a DSLR to make up the difference.

From what I could tell, I'd have to live with f/5.6 to keep a 300mm zoom at a reasonable cost, i.e., about $150. (I've been looking at the 70-300 and 100-300 consumer-level zooms from Pentax as well as the major third-party manufacturers: Tamron, Sigma, and Tokina.)

Assuming the OIS buys me two to three stops, I would need four to five stops of "DSLR ISO advantage" to match up f/2.8 with IS against f/5.6 with no IS. So, my thinking is: The DSLR I get has to have lower noise at ISO 1600 than my FZ20 at ISO 100.

Are my calculations correct?

I really like the entry-point price of the *ist DL; previously I was considering the Nikon D50 because it was the lowest-priced DSLR I could find. Although it might change, right now I'm thinking of getting a DSLR specifically for low-light situations; for the most part I'm happy with my FZ20, but I need something for those higher-ISO situations.

I don't see myself spending big buck on LBA; at best (worst?), I may become a "collector" of older M42 lenses, things I can pick up cheaply at pawnshops, the used-lens section of camera stores, eBay, craigslist, etc. But I definitely don't want to carry lots of lenses around all the time.

As an aside, just a little insight into my frugalness: I had a Nikon FM2 that I just sorta stopped using for years; film and processing was too expensive for me, because I liked to shoot tons of photos, but didn't get enough "keepers." So I got more conservative in what I shot. but that wasn't as much fun, so I just sorta stopped. But, as soon as I got the C-2100UZ, it got fun again, because I could shoot the way I wanted to with very little per-picture cost. So I really doubt that I'll be dropping big bucks on high-dollar lenses. It's just a shoot-for-fun hobby for me.

Having said all that, I'm wondering: Should I shell out the extra $300 to get a K100D? I really did not think so a month or two ago whenit was first released. And I decided against the Konica-Minolta (and the new SOny Alpha 100) because it was more than I wanted to spend. I rejected the entry-level Canon 350D as well because of the cost. I was pretty much settled (resigned?) to the Nikon D50 as the best bang-for-the-buck entry-level - until I learned of the DL, and the $100 rebate. Now, THAT was an entry-level DSLR that appealed to my wallet!

But, darn it, so many of you seem to be lusting after this new K100D, you got me thinking that maybe I should, as well.

But I still gotta as: Is that SR worth the additional $300? Assumiong you lkept your current camera, couldn't that $700 get you some pretty fast glass, or even a good stabilized lens?

Is it the appeal of having ALL your existing lenses stabilized? If so, and you have a goodly number of lenses, I could see the appeal. But if one intends to realistically use only two, maybe three lenses, it it worth the $700 (minus what you might sell your old camera for) to have those two or three lenses stablilized?

Maybe a better question is: WHo has NO interest whatsoever in upgrading from a DL/DS to a K100D?

Sorry for the length of this post. And thanks for your thoughts on this.

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