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uwe_r wrote:

wackybit wrote:

Really? I went to them and they said they don't have any in stock
and don't have any on order, AND have never ordered the book (after
I asked if they ever did). I'll try again next time

Strange, I did order via email giving ISBN, publisher and title and
picked it up at the Paragon - maybe email orders are handled
elsewhere? Anyhow, that's what they say:
"10.Products not in Stock
In cases where your books on order are not in stock, we will cancel
the order by sending you a Notification Email. Incase you would
like to order a title that BWT does not carry at the moment, please
mail to bangkok@kinokuniya.co.jp or sukhumvit@kinokuniya.co.jp with
the details of the title that you are looking for. Then you can
normally order and collect at store. (Not to concern the purchasing
via BookWeb; all payment method or delivery service providing.
Except Payment Upon Collection at Store.)" ( from
http://bookweb.kinokuniya.co.jp/ohb/07/files/riyou.htm#help_10 ).

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that I asked the person how long it would take to order the book, she said it will take around a month and a half!
How long did yours take from requesting the book to getting it?


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