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JeanMarie GERARD New Member • Posts: 14
Re: efillink refill kits - credibility?

Dominic.Chan wrote:

migla9 wrote:

Does anyone here have experience with the spongeless refill kits
for the 1800 from http://www.efillink.com? I've seen quite a few helpful
posts from easyrefill, but none from anyone outside the company.

Well, there has been three posts speaking highly of efillink.com.
All three were from people who joined the forum just the day before
the post, and who have posted nothing else:

monaco mirco
David W. Hitchcock
JeanMarie GERARD

Quite a coincident, don't you think?

I'm French and my English isn't very fine. A friend help me to translate my precedent post. Before, i read only the review. To post, i must be register...that i do. Yes, it's my first post.. thank you very much Mister migla9 for your welcome..

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