580ex diffusor: SBM vs. StoFen?

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Re: 580ex diffusor: SBM vs. StoFen?

The card does not diffuse, it just provides the partial frontal illumination. It is the ceiling/wall bounce from the rest the flash that provides the natural looking diffused light. In a normal room, you can get better diffused lighting by fine tuning the direction of the bounce than you will get by using the Lightsphere.

With most other light modifiers, you can not adjust the amount of frontal illumination, you get what you get, that includes the Lightsphere. The only other light modifier I like is the Lumiquest 80-20 PB.

For vertical shooting, a bracket will definitely be need for the 580EX with the built-in white card with a ceiling bounce. However, the rubber band white card will still work vertically. Twist the flash head sideway, pointing to the ceiling and strap the card to on the back side. Voilà!

Many cases, wall bounces are just as effective and you may not need to change orientation of the flash setup.

T3 wrote:

Homl wrote:

Save your money and camera bag space.

I tried quite a few light modifiers. I find none of them perform
any better than a the white business card & rubber band bounce

I've tried the ol' white card technique, and it doesn't offer
nearly the diffusion that something like a Lightsphere II provides.
That's because a small white card simply doesn't spread the light
around as well. It mainly just sends it forward. And it's
relatively useless for vertical shooting without a flash bracket.

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