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My first language is French, but I am happy to share my review of one of 5 CIS systems I have tested. Hope this will help those of you looking for a good CIS for your R2400 or R1800.

You can also see my reviews in French in other French forums.

I've tested several continuous ink systems and I was disappointed either by the quality of the inks or the CIS

I had first tested the MIS system but after too many problems I had given up:

  • the cartridges reset did not work

  • the ink feed ribbons/lines were wedged

  • I have waited for 3 weeks and no reply from MIS

I had also tested a system from Ebay seen in the URL below:

  • the system functions well but inks are not of the quality I expected

There are 2 other system I have not yet tested:

Here is a system I found which gives me complete satisfaction from efillink:


I received my package from Efillink last week. Packing is of quality and the parts are well protected in the package.

I do not find the details of the installation in the package, but the videos on the web site at Efillink details the installation step by step and it is very easy to implement:


In my web site you can see the mounting of the ink feed ribbons and their support mounting bracket

the system requrires 3 batteries LR6 and there is a button on-off switch that controls the low ink alert systems and the air inlet to the ink bottles.

LEDS on the front indicates when the bottles should be refilled. This is the low ink alert to indicate when the bottle is almost empty.

This is very important: if a bottle is empty, air will goes in the ink feed ribbons and move into the cartridge. Running the printer with an empty cartridge could potentially damage the print heads.

There is a version of the R2400 Ink System Pro that allows exchange of the PK and MK cartridges. Both cartridges are connected to the system and they are easily interchangable:


I did not find other suppliers who has the chip/cartridge that reset so nicely.(The chip will reset at 20% to 90% )

9 syringes are provided with the system for filling the bottles and the cartridges.

Extra items makes it easy:

The package contains a bottle of cleaning fluid and a syringe with a flexible tube. I did not use it initially.

After two prints from the printer, the print did not come out right.
I realized that the system used bad quality inks previously.

To convert to the new ink and the Ink System Pro, I use a syringe and fitted a small flexible tube and fit it on the nipple which comes with the cartridge.

I put 1 ml of the cleaning fluid and await 1 min then. I used the syringe to purge the air in the cartridge. After the print nozzle was purged of the old inks, the printer works fine.

Another easy way: to feed ink into the lines, I used SSC Service Utility with the function Head Cleaning ==> Powerful
cleaning: http://www.ssclg.com/epsone.shtml

On the site of the supplier, the recommendation is : The ink tank must be positioned slightly below the cartridges.

The inks that came with the package are of exceptional quality. My prints are identical to inks of the original inks, color and B&W.

For the moment I have tested with of Premium Glossy, Semi-gloss and Moab KOKOPELLI. I use with Photoshop CS2 with Epson profiles (and Moab)

without having any problem. I also compare to the monitor screen (Dell Trinitron 21" gauged with 5500?K).

The system functions perfectly

Here is a picture of the system in action. If you want to see more photographs of the Efillink system, you can go on my web site:

People from Efillink are really responsive and answer very quickly when I email and with questions. A quality of service which I really appreciate.

Prices for R2400:

  • complete system with 8 inks 247$

  • complete system with 9 inks 287$

Also exist for various printers Epson, Canon and Hp

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