i had to brake my fl36

Started Jul 4, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Did you try this?

Hi all...long time, no post...

I had a Nikon Flash do the same thing to my E1.

I could not get it off no matter what I did...

Then a few days later, I unscrewed the flash mount knob ALL THE WAY, and that released the pin.

I never thought that could have been the problem, but it was for me.

I am referring to the locking knob that secures the flash to the hotshoe...On the Nikon SB-25, the locking pin is not retractable until the spinning knob is FULLY unscrewed all the way to the top of the flash.

If you take it ALMOST to the top, it still does not release...it must be ALL THE WAY.

This may not have been the case for you, or even the case with the FL-36, but next time it happens, check to make sure you have unscrewed the spinning knob ALL THE WAY before breaking things.

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