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Re: Forget about charts and start taking real pictures...Amen (n/t)

whatnotnow wrote:

actually the shots are quite similar (tree), there is little detail
lost in the comparison. There probably is a higher level of
sharpening and noise reduction in the 610 which erases the adjacent
pixels which appear fuzzy but are valuable information. The gradual
"turning on" of pixels at hard edges is well known esp. in SLR

but for most intents and purposes the
pictures from each are more than acceptable, just different.

I take a lot of outdoor shots at long rang and have never been
concerned about resolution from the S70, I have never seen the soft
corners (although they are there) in any real world shots, as well
after sharpening its almost rediculous to want anymore crispness.
My biggest problem is ensuring focus and shake as the camera itself
has no issues in this department.

Thank you very much for that input - that's kind of what I suspected - the A610 has more in-camera processing with more sharpening.

The test chart shots show that the S70 does indeed resolve more detail to about 19-21% more than the A610.

I have been more than happy with my S70 too with over a year's worth of usage - over 13,000 shots through it.

The comparison was done simply because I just got the Refurbished A610 and I wanted to check it and to see how it compared to my S70 - not that I was in any way dissatisfied with either camera - I was simply surprised at the better rendition of the distant pine needles by the A610 - so I double checked using a test chart.

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