18-55 vs. 18-70

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Re: I'll add to..

As for metal mount....
My D50 has a metal mount called a bayonet mount. (They all are called that)

That metal mount is attached to the camera with 6 metal screws..... screwed into plastic. Those screws ripped out of my camera when I dropped it with my 80-200 f2.8 (whicjh also has a metal mount).

The camera's bayonet mount bent. I ordered another one for 30 dollars and gently screwed it back onto the camera even though the plastic is stripped.

Nikon tells me that the repair is not possible. So basically the camera is trashed.
The metal mount 80-200 seems just fine.

I'm not sure metal mounts matter that much. But If you put the lens on and off a lot maybe the plastic could wear out, I don't know.

Guy Moscoso

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