(OT) Kodak Digital Frame Firmware Upgrade

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(OT) Kodak Digital Frame Firmware Upgrade

I just received my Kodak Digital frame from CompGeeks.com.

When I plugged it in, I could not do anything since the frame kept saying the "This frame is not registered. Please register the frame at http://www.storybox.com "

Well of course there is no way to do that since the StoryBox.com is no longer accepting new frames. (which I knew based on the previous posts.)

Without registering the frame you can't do anything including delete photos or change any of the menu options.

After a call to Kodak, they informed me that I have an old verison of the firmware which has the frame network enabled.

They e-mailed me a firmware update which disables the network option and lets you use the frame with a CF card.

So for anyone who gets an old version of the firmware, just call Kodak (1-800-235-6325) and they will e-mail you the firmware update. (I would post it somewhere, but I don't think Kodak would allow me to do that.)

-Darin Fong


Here's the instructions they sent me:

Dear Valued Customer,

You are receiving this email because:
1. You would like to use your frame as a standalone compact flashcard
viewer only.
2. Your frame has never been registered.

To render your frame a standalone compact flashcard viewer, a new version of firmware must be loaded. You will need:

1. A 4MB (or larger) compact flashcard
2. A compact flashcard reader on your computer
3. The attached file

If you have any difficulty following the instructions given, please respond to this email. More detailed instructions will be provided, or we will help in any other way necessary. Depending on the 'compatibility' of our email systems, the attached file may be inaccessible; in which case, it will be sent by another system.

Step 1: Download the attached cydatd.sbu file onto a compact flashcard You must create this directory structure on the compact flashcard: driveID :\Weave\System\cydatd.sbu. To do this, create a folder on the compact flashcard named 'Weave'. With the Weave folder open, create a folder named 'System'. (Therefore, the System folder exists within the Weave folder.) With the System folder open, detach the attached file to the compact flashcard's System folder.

Step 2: Load the firmware into the frame

Plug the frame's power cord into a functional outlet. Leave the power cord disconnected from the frame for now. Insert the compact flashcard with the proper directory structure. Hold the frame so that the compact flashcard/slot is facing up with the opposite side pressed securely into your lap. While firmly holding the Pictures/Channels button 'in', plug the power cord into the frame. Hold the Pictures/Channels button in until the frame screen flashes and you see the following message displayed on the frame: 'You have entered the Upgrade Code. Press the 'Share!' Button to begin'. When you can watch the frame for a few moments, press the Share! button on the top of the frame. You will see messages displayed that indicate the upgrade is being loaded, and asking you to wait. You will then see a message that the software is being upgraded. Finally, the screen will flash green and then go black. Press the Menu button to turn the frame back on. If you receive any error messages, just remove the compact flash card, unplug the frame and begin again.

Step 3: Confirm the firmware was loaded

In Step 1, set the current time and click OK. Click OK for Step 2. The Kodak Smart Picture Frame Splash Screen will appear and then the onboard pictures will be displayed (unless you have already deleted them). Press the Menu button. Using an arrow key, select Advanced and press OK. In the lower right corner of this screen you should see: cdr.

Thank you,
Kodak Information Center- Digital
--Darin Fong Photography

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