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Pussy shots and Voyeur pics

Artichoke wrote:

the example I put up is a real life sample
one uses high ISO in circumstances like this

Well, skilled photographers often use high ISO in cat shots Artichoke. You have dozens on your pbase site here,


but you used flash in virtually all of them. ironically, an available light animal shot would be ideal for illustrating the differences between ACR and HU. The fine detail would easily illustrate, 9for those that can admit it,) that HU smears detail as compared to ACR. I've done that test plenty, (as have many here, Kevin Kitching most recently,) and I do know that HU applies excessive noise reduction. Just as Phil Askey said, I'd rather be the one that applies noise redcution. I can apply it much better than the less than discrimate HU.

HU, (I should say that all I have written so far also applies to in-camera jpegs,) also smears up detail and skin tones. And ideal subject would be the many dozens of young woman voyeur snaps you have on your pbase site. For those who are interested in getting a "peak," they can be found here:


Now these unwilling models would be ideal subjects for you to discover that HU ruins skin tones and hair detail as compared to ACR in high ISO images.

Regarding Phil not using the R pixels in his resolution tests, there is one and only one "expert" that has ever stated that the R pixels actually contribute any resolution in addition to the S pixels. That 'expert' is you.

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