Nikon SB800 vs Metz 76 MZ5

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Re: Nikon SB800 vs Metz 76 MZ5


I don't know the Metz model you are asking about, but I have some general thoughts for you that should help you make your decision.

What camera body/bodies will you be using this flash with? If you're using an iTTL body like the D2X/D2H/D50/D70/D200, you should make sure that the Metz flash really, truly supports iTTL. I'd want to talk to people who have actually used the specific flash you're considering with YOUR camera body/bodies. I know that Quantum and Sigma flashes have had to be updated a few times as Nikon's flash system has evolved. (I have a Sigma macro flash, for example, which supports iTTL on the D50/D70, but required a factory update to support iTTL with my new D200.)

The D2X/D2H will "dumb down" to Nikon's older DTTL system, but I would not recommend it. The new iTTL is SO much better.

You need to figure out what your priorities are. If you think you will end up using Nikon's wireless TTL (aka their "CLS" lighting system) you should make sure that the Metz will work with mixed Metz and Nikon flashes.

I'm assuming that the Metz has a higher guide number than the SB-800. Does it have more options as far as modifiers? How about external power? The Nikon can take Nikon's SB-8a power supply, which is light and small, and works wonderfully. The Nikon can also take a Quantum or DCB external power packs. I assume the Metz will also work with Quantum and DCB power supplies.

Duncan C

Patrick Love wrote:

I'm looking into investing in the Metz 76 MZ-5 Digital Handle Mount
Flash. Does anyone have any experience with this flash? How does
it compare to the SB800 (I have a couple of these)?

Huge difference in price:
Nikon SB800 ~$300
Metz 76 MZ5 ~$800

I will use the Metz for event photography.


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