Playing with Nikon's D50

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Re: Playing with Nikon's D50

It's really unfair to say metering is similar on both camera cause
it's simply not true.

Metering may not be the same. But I am so used to Canon metering I actually prefer that to Nikon. Why? Because Canon system is very predictable to me.

BTW, if there are tiny bright spots, I will rather blow highlights in these insignificant areas than to have the camera try to 'protect the highlights' and end up underexposing the shot as a whole. I KNOW this for a fact because I used to own a Pentax DSLR which tries hard to protect highlights. Remember Phil's review of the E300 before the new firmware? Well, that camera tries too hard to protect highlight. Yes, I know the D50 is more intelligent than the DS and E300. But I prefer a system that is predictable to me.

The very fact that you need to dial in exposure compensation on the D50 already tells you the camera is not intelligent enough to read your mind (i.e., metering is not perfect regardless of how great it's supposed to be). Every DSLR user should know how to meter properly, it is part of the photography process. And no matter how brilliant you think a camera is, it is after all only a piece of equipment. And I don't want it to be too intelligent either... may end up like the movie 'I Robot'.

There is also some other difference like for
example AF assist lamp on D50 what's Rebel also missing.

I don't care too much about this. Why? Firstly, it works only for close distance. Secondly, it doesn't really help that much. Read what Imaging Resource has to say:

"One problem that I noticed in the D70 that seems to have migrated to the D50 is that neither focuses as well as I'm used to seeing from the Canons I've worked with. Though the D50 has an AF illuminator that works without the flash popped up (a very nice feature, as the Canon's flash has to be deployed because it uses a pulsed flash for AF assist), the Canon XT consistently performed better for me in low light and in low contrast scenarios."

I also admit there are many things I like about the D50.

  • best ISO handling among all the Nikon cams

  • very good per pixel sharpness

  • nice flash sync at 1/500

  • very sensitive to IR light, useful for IR photography

and some other things.

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