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Barrie Davis
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Re: DSLR vs. SLR Like (again)

buddythedog wrote:

I should have said TTL OVF / mirror.


Another reason you see EVF on SLR-like cameras are they mostly have
long zoom and they have too much parallax error if using OVF.

Rubbish. Long zooms have LESS parallax than other lenses. Parallax error is of most concern when working close, not at a distance. For distance working parallax can be discounted.

[Hmmmm... I'm afraid, you really do not have enough knowledge to conduct your arguments with authority.]

At the current stage, EVF sux - image quality and refresh rate!

You are talking about the ones you happen to have seen. Try a KM A2. Its EVF shows what is currently possible. High grade video cameras presently show viewfinder images of much higher quality even than A2, and point the way to what may be common in future still camera EVFs.

[You should start to get things into perspective. I think that's what gets me about you you dSLR-OVF guys. No sense of where your choice of camera style stands in the history of cameras in general, and no imagination about where future designs might go.]

In short, you can't see any further than the end of your .. neckstrap!

Sespite your love of EVF, those SLR-like digicams have nothing in
similarity to the dSLRs.

Well, as I say, EVFs do have the most important attribute of the SLR, and that is TTL viewfinding. It IS the most important SLR feature, but it counts for "nothing" with you!

Which just about defines the limits of your knowledge, I think!

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