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Re: DSLR vs. SLR Like (again)

Barrie Davis wrote:

buddythedog wrote:

No, it has nothing to do with whether there is EVF or not.

Sorry. You confuse me. WHAT has nothing to do with whether there is
an EVF or not.

camcorder has EVF, is it a dSLR? I think not.

Huh!? Nobody ever said an EVF WAS a pre-requisit of a dSLR. Why do
you suggest that somebody did?

In fact, most, if not
all digicams, use LCD for framing.

And many little digicams have OVFs too. You can use either for
framing, but only the LCD will be really accurate.

The reason why the so-called
SLR-like cameras have EVF is because they are bigger and more
expensive and can afford more expensive components.

I think you will find that EVFs are actually cheaper than OVFs by
the time the components are actually fitted into a camera, but hey,
no matter. I don't think the relative costs of either system are
pertinent to the discussion.

(mainly to overcome the viewing problem of LCD under bright sun!).

Aha! I do wholeheartedly agree with you, there......

EVFs are a godsend in bright viewing conditions, when they permit a
review (even a magnified review, if you want it) when exterior LCDs
on digicams or dSLRs are both impossible to see properly. It wasn't
'till I needed it that I found just how useful this attribute of
the EVF could be.

I should have said TTL OVF / mirror.

Another reason you see EVF on SLR-like cameras are they mostly have long zoom and they have too much parallax error if using OVF.

At the current stage, EVF sux - image quality and refresh rate! Sespite your love of EVF, those SLR-like digicams have nothing in similarity to the dSLRs.

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