LacIe Big Disk Extream vs. Hard Dirve Extream

Started Jun 25, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Re: LacIe Big Disk Extream vs. Hard Dirve Extream

I just went through this same process. I have the 250GB internal, and a LaCie 250GB external. I settled on an Iomega. It was the winner in a recent review I read - which review also had high marks for OWC and G-Tech. The review can be seen at

I am thrilled with the Iomega. It is MUCH quieter than my Lacie, and it is faster too.

If money had been no object, I probably would have gone for the G-Tech, but the Iomega got such high marks, I couldn't justify the extra price.

The Iomega drive can be seen at:

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