HOW TO SET UP- Hummingbird photography

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Re: This is Great.

Luv the pose Gary nicely done!

StillLearning wrote:

Keith, you've brought many of us together to share our experiences
and pictures. I am really enjoying this. The little guys and gals
have really started getting active again. I don't know it is their
second mating season or if it's because the monsoons are getting
ready here in the desert. Watched a male Anna sitting in my front
yard tree during a dust storm. The branch he was sitting on was
whipping around but he stayed glued to it. I'm getting more
impressed with these little guys as I photograph them and observe
them. I also noticed they keep the woodpeckers away since they've
been around. Beats having to put up a fake owl to keep those guys
from pecking holes in my house. I'll leave with a picture of the
little guy that survived the dust storm. He was either cleaning up
or just waiting for me to get out of the way of the feeder.

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