HOW TO SET UP- Hummingbird photography

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Re: good show, Keith!

I see you havent missed a beat

They are characters in their own right, and you bring up some great points. I wanted to elaborate more, but it only allowed 6000 words so I had to keep reducing..........who sez Im chatty?? LOL.............

I have never had the chance to photograph Anna's , what other species do you have Frank?

thanks again for sharing and adding to the contribution of the thread!


Uncle Frank wrote:

That's a great tutorial, Keith, and will help new hummingbird
hunters start off on the right foot. Since attracting the wee
beasties is the key to the process, I'll donate a link to the best
hummer site I know. They've compiled very useful information about
varieties by state, feeders, rescue techniques, etc.

I fully support your point about the importance of knowing the
birds' behaviors in order to be able to photograph them
effectively. I've spent many an hour enjoying the company of the
wee Annas Hummingbirds that visit my feeders, and understanding how
they tick has enhanced the experience.

Your thread inspired me to dust off the long lens (80-200/2.8 AF
ED) and try my hand this afternoon. It was very hot out, and I was
too lazy to set up the light stands, so I worked on my camera
mounted single flash technique. I probably have a few hundred
shots like these, but I'm always charmed by the hummers.

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