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Re: I DON'T need a LARGE sensor

Paul-F828 wrote:

Mad cat I think you'll see the H series start to borrow some of the
F series features and move towards what you would like, I see the R
series (or at least I would like to see the R series) be all about
quality at the expense of movie mode etc, I need MPs and I need
very good ones at that (like the R1)

Hi Paul,

No hope with the H series as they are "superzooms" which doest go with a wide angle together as well as require even smaller sensor than 828.

28mm is a minimum + Manual zoom is a MUST !

About R1... yes its about quality... but if there were usable (same like current iso200) ISO 1600 on 828 (even not talking about 3200) Then with F2.0-F2.8 lens ..... there is no need for R1..... + Antishake.......

hmhm ok you like R1 ? then imagine R1 size sensor built with fuji technology ? i think u'd like it

pitty but from the "H" samples i've seen ..... its still nowhere close to fuji...

Another pitty is that there is no continuation to the Foveon sensors... that was a Great (with a capital "G") invention. Very Very high qality pixels ... Exactly for you A true 1 Pixel resolution. If only they made a 8-10mp sensor that would be a killer. But what to do... commerce... business....competition...

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