Anybody still enjoying their 300D?

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Re: 300D vs. 30D flash exposure

Travis Feisthamel wrote:

geepondy wrote:

I find the flash exposure on my 300D to be quite inconsistant. Did
you find the same on your 300D and if so is the 30D much better. I
believe it uses a different flash metering system.

I definately feel the same with with the 300D. The 30D seems better
(only had it about a week - did 1 wedding so far),

300D uses E-TTL, where the exposure is biased towards the active focus point. People often screw up their shots, because they aren't aware of that basic fact.

The 350D/20D/30D use E-TTL-II, which does not rely on the active focus point. Therefor, the user can't do anything wrong.

The latter system is more comfortable for most. But when you understand E-TTL, then you have a very controllable and consistent system.

So it will help also, but in any case I notice you need
to do a +2/3 compensation on the flash to get it right.

No you don't.

You need to set FEC depending on the scene. A VERY common scene is a fill-in flash portrait. There, you meter on skin, which requires +2/3 FEC. Which is exactly your experience.

However, would you have another scene, with a more neutral 'subject' then you would need 0 FEC.

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