HOW TO SET UP- Hummingbird photography

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Re: HOW TO SET UP- Hummingbird photography

what a nice problem to have

mtwo wrote:

I agree with the addictive part. Once you make the first attempt
you just have to keep trying. What becomes clear now is the amount
of set-up and forethought which go into dealing with a rather
complicated little critter. I felt pretty good about getting them
on the little feeder perches and the occasional flight shot till I
saw what you were achieving.

It is obvious that like a lot of other apparently simple tasks this
is really not. It is something to work on, but you don't need it
all at once. One strobe will do for starters but a bit of reach is
obviously essential. Thanks for the detailed description. We are
going through lots of sugar here this summer so hummer
opportunities abound but so do the mosquito guys at the best time
of day. Always something. John

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