Nikkor 400 f3.5 ED IF AI-S

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Re: Nikkor 400 f3.5 ED IF AI-S

Mike, I got a copy a couple of years ago and have very much enjoyed it. I'm not sure how much chipping it costs, but it is lovely to have it meter flawlessly on the digital bodies.

I do find some merit (or perhaps just an excuse for poor technique) in Bjorn Rorslett's observation, which I expect you've seen, that its optical age shows on the D2X; while I love the images it captures I have a nagging impression of a touch of softness which may not all be operator error, and it is a bit unsettling to see Bjorn drop the image quality on the new bodies down to 3.5.

I carry it in a Kinesis long-lens bag, which I've found very satisfactory and to which I probably will add shoulder straps to for this summer's fun.

A couple of samples:

I second Lars's thought on the need for extension tubes if you wish to do close-up work with the 400; while the working distance and blur are wonderful you end up doing a lot of backing-up compared to the close-focus ability of, e.g., the 200-400 and tubes are a necessity for close work. This is with 36mm of extension:

One nit is that I can't make the EXIF show anything other than 40mm, even though it sets properly on the non-AF lens menu.

You'll have a great time with it.

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