canon 10-22 or sigma 10-20

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Re: canon 10-22 or sigma 10-20

apriori wrote:

I just bought a used excellent copy of the canon 10-22mm. I went
with it instead of the sigma since it slightly wider, better color
and constrast, faster AF, lighter weight (do have a sigma 24-70mm
that is really heavy but great) and canon seems to have better
service for problem solving than sigma from what I hear. I plan to
use it a lot in my upcoming trip cross country. Hopefully get a
chance to post some pictures to get opinions.

I am sure you would be happy with either sigma or canon once you
just start taking pictures.

what? your canon 10-22 is wider than my sigma 10-20? darn! i got jipped!

you said so yourself "money is not an option" so the choice is pretty obvious. get the canon. if you compare the two, the canon is slightly better in most aspects except for the big kicker in favor of the sigma, which is it costs $200 less. if that is a non issue then the canon is a better choice. another one of sigma's big selling points is that it comes with a hood and case. if money is not an option, you can easliy buy a $30 hood on the side.

reason i got the sigma (also for my XT) :

HSM is just as good as USM

2mm on the tele end is not mjch of a difference (especailly on a lens purcahsed for its wide end)
own 2 sigma lenses with no complaints
comes with hood
$200 less. and it was STILL pretty expensive.

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