Nikon 105VR: Initial Impressions [22]

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07 -- VR

07 -- VR:

It really does work. Casual testing indicates that once again VR is magic, and does indeed work in the lens as promised. However, just as with AF performance, the effectiveness of VR declines as the magnification ratio increases.

As Vibration Reduction is not a 100% effective solution all the time, and as translation becomes an increasing problem at high magnification, one must assume that using VR with macro is inconstant at best, though the adventurous and persistent will no doubt be rewarded.

My own use of the lens has proven VR to be useful and generally convenient up to magnification up to and around 1:2, with acceptable results as low as 1/60 second handheld. The patient photographer may find functionality beyond that, but for close up work, I wouldn't consider pushing VR further than that as anything approaching utility. One might note that the word patience has its root in the Latin pati, to suffer.

Regardless, with enough discipline and perseverance, it seems VR can be an interesting and even surprisingly functional asset for close up photography, and not to be dismissed outright.


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