Nikon 105VR: Initial Impressions [22]

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Nikon 105VR: Initial Impressions [22]

Nikon 105VR: Initial Impressions [22]

As the owner of four macro lenses (albeit only two distinct optical designs... don't ask ;), the Nikon 105VR marks my first modern macro lens. And not just modern, but cutting edge.

The lens features essentially the whole alphabet soup in Nikon's current bag of tricks, incorporating no less than AF-S, VR, G, IF-ED, and Nano crystal coating. The question is, does the lens live up to this impressive roll call of technology?

I've had the opportunity to audition the lens for the last two weeks and thought I'd give my cursory impressions of the lens, as well as share some images. The format will be as follows:

01 -- The Images [13]
02 -- Balance and Usability
03 -- Focus Ring
04 -- Construction, Fit & Feel
05 -- Hood
06 -- AF Performance
07 -- VR
08 -- Image Quality & Sharpness
09 -- Color, Contrast & Character
10 -- Closing thoughts

If you have the 105VR, please feel free to add your own thoughts on the lens. To those interested in the optic, feel free to ask questions.


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