Question for Canon 500f4 users

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Minimum focus distance is around 15 feet

The minimum focus distance is 4.5 m = 14.7 feet, when shooting at something very near this distance you could making life hard for the lens, also make sure the focus limiter switch is not on 10m to infinity.

When I first got the lens I took shots in my living room in poor light just above the minimum focusing distance and was taking shots of small soft toys and book covers backlit. I found if the lens was focused beyond the subject it would zoom to infinity and then back to the subject distance before focus was locked. This focusing allow with IS can be noisy if you are not used to IS lenses.

However out in the field it is as quick to focus as my 70-200IS and 300 f/2.8.

Another thing to look into is the custom function for the focus stop button at the end of the lens, I have it set so that pressing it changes the focus mode from one shot to servo (and vice versa) but I am sure there are loads of other weird sets ups that could require hitting the * button to get lock, maybe somebody can chip in here?

I know everybody is giving the impression that the lens cannot be at fault and that you need to do this and that, that will be mainly due to the fact this is a big expensive lens and not as common as say a 24-70 or 100-400 so you would expect it to get a bit more attention in the QI side. But you are right to make sure the lens is okay before your time runs out to return it to the shop in case there is a problem.

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