Question for Canon 500f4 users

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Re: Question for Canon 500f4 users

I've had mine just over a year, currently using with a 20D. I don't think the lens has any AF problems, but it does rather test the responsivness of the 20D - in particular, objects rapidly moving towards you. The other thing I find is that the AF can somtimes struggle to aquire objects which are far away, but I'm pretty convinced now that this is due to reduced contrast caused by a atmospheric haze.

But once locked on, the results are tack sharp, though heat haze can be a killer and is not always obvious through the viewfinder.

With all my lenses I've come to accept a little hunting in servo mode when shooting static subjects as normal behaviour on the 20D - the effect seems to be more pronounced with increases in focal length, but, your comment on your 400 5.6 now makes me wonder if there is some interaction with the IS at play here? Something to experiment with. All my long glass has had IS, and all hunt (a bit) in servo mode (IS is always on).

IS is louder on this lens than others I've owned - wonder if its an amplifying effect of the larger barrel?

Useability - initially I found this heavy and awkward to use handheld. But, with much practice it becomes quite natural - the weight doesn't get less, but your arms do adjust in time. And that weight does work to your advantage, helping to damp viibrations. On a good day, I'm happy to shoot down to 1/125th, though I've recently gone back to using a tripod and gimbal head to allow even slower shutter speeds (I found it very hard to use with a ball head).

Pet hate for this lens is fitting the lens hood - it seems more difficult than it should be!



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