Photos to CDR (Playable on DVD)

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Re: Photos to CDR (Playable on DVD)

My only gripe about Ulead's program is that it doesn't allow transitions.


Erik Bailey wrote:
Last year I went through this with WinOnCD 3.7 (you can search
through the message archives to find some posts I wrote). A fairly
painful process to get nice-looking DVDs, but it did work well and
made for some great Xmas gifts.

After seeing a post in these forums a couple weeks ago about the
Ulead software, I gave it a try. An hour later they had my credit
card number for two copies, one for me and one planned as an Xmas
gift for my father-in-law.

This is a great piece of software - simple enough not to overwhelm,
but powerful enough to do (most) of what you want. It won't give
you every feature, but it does what it advertises and does it well.
And a significant advantage over my WinOnCD program is that it will
do background music!

As others have mentioned, always use CD-RW discs. Yes they are more
expensive, but they'll work in most DVD players, while only some
will play CD-Rs. Besides, this way you can try it a few times
without making a coaster each time.

Enjoy! --Erik

Karl Swensson wrote:

I've just been reading about Ulead's "DVD Picture Show." This app
allows one to burn your photos onto a CDR that are playable on
standard DVD players.

Great idea but I was just wondering if there are any other apps out
there that can do this same trick.


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