Question for Canon 500f4 users

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What you are most likely hearing...

is the IS.

Colin Dunleavy wrote:

Nice shot Eduardo.

When doing a shot distance test say, a dolar bill taped to a tree
from 16 feet, the AF takes sharp pictures when in AI servo mode,
but I can hear the motor constantly working even when the focus is
locked on the subject.
In single shot mode it does not do this.

The IS on my 500 and that of my buddy's is loud.

As for your original question.

Get out and practice with it. I had to get a lot of hours in with it before I could get enough keepers at our local road course. It is a great lens!

I also tape mine a bit with gaffer tape when I have it out at the track or anywhere I will be using it on a monopod and often putting it down to switch to my other body. It helps to keep the scratches down.

Also. if you do use this on a monopod and walk around a lot with the lens on your shoulder you might want to consider taping over the AF and IS controls to keep from accidentally turning them off.

I also bought a plastic corning ware lid that I can slip over the end of the lens (with the hood on) to keep trash out of it while I have it laid to the side. A guy on ebay sells them.

I got this shot of Ben Spies (the current point leader for the AMA Superbike Championship) at the Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham. (AL)

Have have a GREAT lens!

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