Question for Canon 500f4 users

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Re: Question for Canon 500f4 users

Colin Dunleavy wrote:

I just got mine yesterday. Brand new fom B&H.

The nice thing about BH is there is a 14 return policy, no questons asked. That is why I got my 500mm from them. I am still testing this lens.

Is there a long learning curve with this lens?

Since I only have it for two days I can not fully answer this question. I believe it will take me quite a while (months?) to get the most from this lens as I come from the 400mm 5.6

I've been using mine

today with a tripod and IS and the pictures are not as sharp as I
was expecting.
Infact quite e few seemed out of focus.
Also the AF sounds like its hunting when IS is on and it only seems
to lock into focus when in one shot mode.

I find the AF to be on the dot, sharp and super fast. AF does not hunt at all even with a 1.4 extender under low light. I use this lens with a 20D, a back not know for great AF capabilities, and the AF in the 500mm works like a charm.

The problems I am having is trying to hand hold this lens. There is a 3x increase in weight over my 400mm and the size does feel very akward to me.

Read your manual, shoot, shoot and shoot so more!

Taken this morning, no tripod.



I would really appreciate any feedback from users of this lens
before I have to send it back.

Colin Dunleavy

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