Question for Canon 500f4 users

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Re: Question for Canon 500f4 users

Good advice, to which I will add.

If you are using a 10/20D, and probably all non 1-series, you need a contrasty subject and pretty good light to get perfect focus. I have found that a series of tripod shots will produce some shots that are better than others because of focus tolerance.

I agree, even on a tripod, keep the shutter speed up for best results. I also find that holding down on the lens with your hand just above the tripod mount dampons motion. I don't use MLU or cable release unless I am doing moon shots.

Get used to using ISO200 and 400, the noise is less of a problem than shake.

This is a great lens, and you ought to try some hand held shots as well. Once you are above 1/500 second, the tripod does not add much sharpness in my experience.

My 17-40 and 28-135 lens looks shabby when I compare IQ to shots taken with the 500.

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