Canon 17-55 impressions (vs 17-40)

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Re: Flare issue easily corrected?

I think the difference is obvious when you look at the two lenses side by side. The 17-40L, 24-105L simply don't bounce a lot of light around inside the glass. The 17-55 looks more like the bottom of a clear glass bottle, it bounces a stack of light around.

Check the visuals:

Don_D wrote:

ed rader wrote:

my 24-105 doesn't have a problem with flare. i wonder what the
difference is?

I looked a little further:
The 17-55 has 19 elements, 12 groups
The 24-105 has 18 elements, 13 groups
So it's not just the number of groups, since the 24-105 is more
I understand wide angle aggravates the problem...but then there's
the 10-22 which is noted for being flare resistant.
Maybe it's another unpainted surface/ screw like the 24-105 had, or
simply a function of the design.
I'm only guessing, my knowledge of lens design is very limited!

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