Question for Canon 500f4 users

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Re: Question for Canon 500f4 users

You will get used to the lens fairly quickly, I made a few "doh" mistakes to start with so here is what I learned.

The mimimum focusing distance with this lens is 4.5m, the limiting switch has 3 settings, 4.5m to infinity, 4.5m to 10m and 10m to infinity, set the wrong one and the lens can't focus, generally best to start off with 4.5m to infinity, then if you are doing something like birds in flight you can move to 10m to infinity.

To start with make sure your shutter speed is above 1/500s even with tripod and IS on, as time goes on you can lower the shutter speed to see what minimum shutter speed you can use. Later on you can move to using bean bags and handheld.

Also start with static objects to make sure it is motion blur not camera shake/focusing error.

I read that when using a tripod it is better to use IS mode 2 not mode 1, this is because when in mode 2 if the lens senses a tripod then it sets up to dampen the vibrations from mirror slap!

Sure you will get plent of replys with good advice.

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