Canon 17-55 impressions (vs 17-40)

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Re: vignetting

"L quality flare control"?????

Is there some mystical proprietary technology Canon imparts in this regard to its L lenses? Where are you dreaming these things up?

You've never shot with a 16-35, 14 L, or 24 L wide open, have you?

Canon being first to market = being branded a monopoly...
Comparing f/2.8 light fall off to f/4 = apples to apples...

Your standards are your own my man. All I can tell is that they seem to have very little to do with the real world...

Tomm wrote:
Oh, and L-quality flare control, too. I was just looking over my
shots from last night again, and some of the night shots w/
streetlamps had these large washed-out halos. Flare is annoying.

  • Tomm

Tomm wrote:
Canon 17-55 L IS USM with L-quality build, hood, full frame
compatibility, and red paint, for $1600? Oh man, I am so in, I'd
FedEx my credit card to Canon to place the pre-order right now.
And admit it, most of the current 17-55 EFS owners would be lining
up, too.

  • Tomm

brianric wrote:

ed rader wrote:

tom - would you like it better if the 17-55 were an L lens with
hood and cost, say, $1600?

ed rader

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