Canon 17-55 impressions (vs 17-40)

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Flare issue easily corrected?

ed rader wrote:

i'd say the IQ is the 17-55's strong point and build is one of the
weaker points. probably the thin i like the least about the 17-55,
tho, is the flare issue which sounds like it could have been easily

I'm not so sure that the flare issue could have been "easily corrected".
From Canon's press release of the 17-55 lens:

"Harmful reflections eliminated

By optimising Super Spectra lens coatings and lens element shaping, Canon’s engineers have been effective in suppressing flare and ghosting – more prone to occur with digital cameras due to reflection off the image sensor. By increasing light absorption, coatings reduce reflections off lens element surfaces to deliver crisp, undistorted images with natural colour balance".

I looked up the 24-105 EF L press release and it says exactly the same. So Canon is using the "Super Spectra lens coatings" on both the EF-S 17-55 and the 24-105 EF L lenses.

Isn't it more likely that the large number of lens groups in the 17-55 just made the problem more acute and more difficult to fix?


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