Canon 17-55 impressions (vs 17-40)

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Re: vignetting

It's locally monopolistic--no one else offers a wide-to-portrait with IS. It's like the movie theatre popcorns, which aren't the only popcorn solutions in town (= Nikon & Pentax), but they are if you want to watch movies in that theatre (= Canon user). Monopolies are not bad things, and I don't blame Canon for innovating and offering something unique. I'm just saying that their pricing practice is also in line with the fact that they have something their competition doesn't, and that price premium is often disproportionate to the feature delta. Returning yet again to the popcorn analogy, when I was in college, there was a movie theatre in the area with very tasty butter on their popcorn (= 17-55 IS), so people actually went there just to buy the popcorn, despite having to pay movie popcorn prices for it instead of buying grocery store microwave popcorn for cheaper (= Sigma, Tamron, Tokina).

In any case, as we all learned in economics 101, value/utility is an awful tricky thing to compute, since it's often subjective and personal. So I'm not trying to tell anyone that 17-55 is worth it or not worth it, because that's going to boil down to each individual user. $1100 might mean peanuts if you're wealthy, or if you recoup that cost by selling your photos, or if you're getting rid of a bunch of other lenses on eBay to fund the purchase. But it might mean a lot if you're a student, or if you're married and your wife nearly divorced you for your last spending spree, or if your bank account is close to flatlining. I'm merely presenting some thoughts I had while evaluating this lens, in case others might find the information useful.

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brianric wrote:
Overprice on something superior, not monopolistic. There's Tamron,
Sigma, and Tokina. Don't like Canon, there's Nikon, Sony, Olympus,
and Pentax. I would hardly call Canon's pricing scheme monopolistic.

Tomm wrote:

only choice you have if you want popcorn. There's no marketing
genius operating here; everyone knows you can overprice something
under monopolistic conditions.

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