Apple Displays...or something else?

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Apple Displays...or something else?

My old 23" Cinema finally burned out. I have a G5 that I do quite a bit of photo editing (seems like the main thing I do with it these days) and would like to know if Apple die-hards have ventured beyond Apple displays.

I'm looking at the following options:

  • Replace with a newer 23" Cinema...have heard lots of complaints about the new 23" displays

  • Replace with two 20" Cinemas

  • Replace with a competitor's 23" or 24" LCD

  • Raplace with multiple competitors 20"

Lots of people love two screens, and with Aperture supporting this, I am leaning towards this route.

My main question is, how well do non-Apple displays work with Macs? Also, I'm buying these with the intenet to take me into any future PowerMac replacements that haven't been announced yet.

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