Canon 17-55 impressions (vs 17-40)

Started Jun 17, 2006 | Discussions thread
Roy van der Woning Senior Member • Posts: 2,472
Re: Canon 17-55 impressions (vs 17-40)

Funny that you consider the vignetting a "HUGE" problem. The lens
is nothing worse than any EF lens does on FF camera's...

Assuming that you mean EF-S instead of EF, where does it say that the OP is using it on a FF camera?

I think your price reasoning is hilarious.

A full stop differnce means that for price, you would have to
compare it with the 16-35L. That one is allready 1450 euro. Add
in some 300 for IS, and another 300 for the longer range, and a FF
EF-17-55 IS would go for a 2050 euro. At 'only' 1099 the EF-S
could be considered cheap!

So the fact that the 17-55 doesn't do FF shouldn't have an effect on its price? Now who's being hilarious?


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