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Re: Neither.

Louis_Dobson wrote:

In a mockery of the 4/3rds idea, the Leica lens needs the Panny
body to switch on IS when needed (stupid there isn't a lens conatct
in 4/3rds to sat Focus Locked - or is there is, even more stupid of
Panny / Leica not to use it).

Might this just be a firmware issue?

E.g., the E-330 and earlier model's firmware have no notion of an IS-enabled lens, so there's no logic in them to sense when it needs to be switched on?

Another (more likely?) possibility is that the 4/3 standard didn't expect/address the need for the camera to communicate with an on-lens IS system, so there's no specs for electrical contacts or communication with it.

It will be interesting to see if the "E-3" is fully compatible -- that will likely tell the tale.

There's nothing that says 4/3 bodies can't offer unique features. Indeed, if the Panny was just a rebadged E-330, there'd be little reason to even sell it.

"Full time IS" worked just fine for me and my Uzi, so I could probably live without the "just in time" feature. Do Canon/Nikon IS/VR lenses offer "just in time" correction, or just Panasonic?

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