Lightning question? (pic)

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Beware the stem

What Chefziggy said!

The thing you'll have to watch for when adding in light for the heart is reflections of that light in the glasses. I'd say judging by the setup the place you'll see reflections the easiest is in the stem/base transition of the right hand glass, that has all incoming angles covered.

Now you may be able to get away with it either by flagging as Chefziggy suggested, or by making the reflection a non-distracting feature. For example, if you used a wide soft box overhead, you might get some good light onto the heart and the pearls and just add a simple trapezoidal reflection of it in the stem of the glass.

On the other hand, you might try a grid from directly overhead to try to light the non glass elements while keeping each stem in the shadow of it's own glass. This might need goboing to avoid lighting up the wine.



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