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Re: JPEG companion files

Bill Spohn wrote:

Correct me if this is wrong, but when you set the JPEG file size so
it saves a 1 MB file every time you take a RAW image, doesn't that
also dictate the same size of JPEG if you switch to taking JPEGS?

IN other words if you wanted to take 10 MB JPEGS, you'd have to go
back into the menus and reset size - you can't set one size (large)
for when you are shooting JPEGs and another size (small - 1 MB) for
JPEGS saved when shooting in RAW?

That is correct. If you swap back and forth between RAW and JPEG capture a lot, you need to reset the JPEG size to get the full resolution sizing. However, this is done with one press of the menu button and three taps on the joystick lever ... it's pretty convenient. It's not like you have to dive down several layers into the menu system ... image resolution is one of the top level settings.

However: once you start working with RAW format files and see the capabilities it provides, in general my experience is that you stop using JPEG format capture almost entirely.


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