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Barrie Davis
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Zooming with ACT-100 attached

Steve West wrote:

I think if you are careful, it shouldn't be a problem zooming with
the ACT attached.

Yes, there isn't likely to be any damage if the lens and converter are properly supported with the hands, and, really and truthfully, you should be doing that anyway.

However, I never need this because at 300mm, I'm constantly wishing
for 3x more!

But the incredible value of the A2--you get an f/3.5 APO
image-stabilised lens for the cost of an ACT which has dropped to
around $100--amazing.

Hmmm.. I think it is unlikely that we get APO performance from a mere add-on tele converter -- but hey, the performance is not at all bad (for an add-on) I have to say.

Thing is, the definition/quality when zoomed between 200 and 300 is unlikely to be at its maximum, simply because the ACT is optimised for 200 mounting, and 200 only. It may also be that the AS system is compromised outside of the designed working ranges....

Then again, against these points it could be argued that even a poor 250 is a hundred times better than no 250 at all.. (shrugs)

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