Canon DSLR's produce clean 1600 iso images. Why don't the powershots?

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Re: Sensor size, lens size, CPU power..

dboreham wrote:

I'm not sure the lens is such a major factor. E.g. I have an Olympus
Stylus Epic film camera that has a quite nice 28mm lens (f2.8
I believe, from memory). I do agree that the superzoom
lenses seen in film P&S cameras were horrible and I'm sure
that was partly due to their small size.

Much of the space inside an SLR is used for the viewfinder
optical path -- so a P&S type form factor camera that had
an EVF would be smaller than the current XP/350 at the very least.

I think we'll see cameras produced along the lines of the
discussion here, sometime in the future, when the production
cost and market demand are aligned.

I believe that one day the SLR design will eventually die, despite the
obvious benefits to direct viewing of the scene through the
viewfinder : there are simply too many benefits to the EVF
for it not to become the norm eventually (reduced size,
cost, weight, quieter, brighter). This might take 10 years
but I'm sure it will happen.

I'm not. EVF is a LONG way from equalling looking through the lens and seeing a clear view of exactly what the lens sees. I HATE the EVF on my S2; maybe it's a poor implementation. I use the LCD as much as possible. Fortunately it's a light cam so handholding it isn't a problem. I'd much prefer the viewfinder had been a true TTL view like my 30D.


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