FLW filter for digital SLR?

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Re: FLW filter for digital SLR?

Tiger, Bryan is saying that he is adding a FLW filter to sunsets to give him a magenta colorcast, not to correct for fluorescent lighting or to warm the image. Of course, you can add an over all magenta cast in post processing and possibly in a landscape using only natural lighting they would produce identical or at least very similar images. However, in shooting a late evening image in an urban sitting where there is possibly a mixture of lighting, natural, mercury vapor, neon, tungsten and possibly fluorescent the effect might be entirely different from the effect produced by post processing. The image used to illustrate the comment that I saw is an urban sitting. Not trying to out guess Bryan but I would imagine the reason he adds the FLW filter is to make a distinctive image, to take it out of the run of the mill, boy have we seen that done a hundred times before, sunset shot, or sunset shot post processed. He sells a lot of books and articles by creatively doing things that are often considered wrong and unimaginable by most photographers. With film, I occasionally used black and white filters to add colorcasts but never the FLW. Now I can’t wait to give the FLW a try on digital in an urban situation.

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