Are "L" lenses immune to condensation?

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Re: Are "L" lenses immune to condensation?

misha wrote:

Indydan wrote:

Hello people,

Thanks for your replies. I appreciate your info. I put my 100-400
L lense to the test. Last time I was there (Montreal Biodome, 4
weeks ago); my Panasonic FZ20 was steamed up for at least 20-25
minutes. I had to wait... MY Canon 17-85 IS steamed up for only 5

Today, I showed up with my 100-400l Lens. It never fogged up! It
also took great pics.

I am now a fan (for many reasons) of L lenses!

Are you sure the conditions were the same (the contrast between
outside and inside temperature/humidity)?

BTW, I don't even think condensation depends on sealing of the lens - my eyeglasses are certainly "sealed" and they certainly fog when going from cold to warm and humid conditions.

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